Articles by Mike Healy

The Truth Behind My $50,000 Bonus

Sometimes circumstances beyond your control pop up, especially when dealing with money. In this teaching you will learn some incredible stuff on how I had my back against the wall and what I did to…

Does God Want You Rich?

I get pretty emotional about this topic and after watching this video you will see why. Most people truly don’t know if God wants them to have money or if it’s even right to have…

Hidden Money Secrets From Psalm 23

Here’s a great teaching on what I found regarding money in the book of Psalms. It’s really an amazing teaching that I know will bless you when you understand this popular chapter. Enjoy! Mike Healy

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Is This The Key To Success In Business?

Here’s something to think about… Looking back at my career to date, I’ve come to realize some amazing insights on why people do what they do and what makes some people extraordinarily successful while others…